On Sunday, November 6, 2022, Teaching Pastor Bruce Hess’ message is “Ruth Chapter 3” from our sermon series “God Behind the Seen”. Below are some questions for your personal or group reflection.

1.  Sometimes “playing it safe” spiritually can lead to missed blessings.  I remember back in the summer of 1990 I faced the prospect of heading off for a trip to the Soviet Union and the nation of Latvia.  Things were stirring politically in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Army was not happy. I was a 39-year-old dad of four kids aged 12, 9, 8, and 2. It was truly a risky trip. Taking a spiritual message into an atheistic nation could have serious ramifications.

As I prayed about it (and was frankly leaning toward declining the trip), it seemed as if the Lord was encouraging me to be bold and trust Him.  Indeed, that was the beginning of an amazing ministry that Wildwood has had for decades in Latvia, including helping to found Latvian Christian Radio which today reaches 120,000 listeners in Latvia, along with many Latvian speakers in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, Australia, and the USA.

The point is that God can bless in ways we never could have imagined when we move out in boldness and trust Him.  We saw that Sunday in Ruth 3 as Naomi (and Ruth) move out in boldness in approaching Boaz.

Have you ever stepped out in boldness to trust God in a special way?  Share

Is it possible that the Lord is leading you right now to be bold and trust Him in some way? Ponder that and elaborate with others.

2. Naomi and Ruth were clearly counting on the integrity of Boaz. Can others in your family and around you count on your integrity?  What are some practical things you can implement to enhance your integrity before others?

3. One of the sermon life lessons was that we all need to be reminded that God works through His people to touch others.  We are His hands and feet.  Brainstorm about how God could use you to bring encouragement, blessing and compassion to someone in your world.

4. Take some time to thank and worship the Lord for his faithfulness to you over the years.  God is good!

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