Hey Wildwood Family!

Wowza.  Life keeps flowing at high speed.  Halloween is on Monday and then it is Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then—double wowza—2023!  Yikes!

Many of you were aware that our #2 daughter, Emily, had very extensive cancer surgery on Thursday.  It was very long, but also seemed to be highly successful.  The Team Captain of the multiple surgeon team said it went wonderfully well. There is reasonable hope that after two months of follow-up chemo she could possibly be cancer free.  Truly amazing.

Thanks for so many of your prayers. Please keep praying as Emily goes through a difficult and painful recovery period.

We will be returning to our study of Ruth, God Behind the Seen, this Sunday as we delve into chapter 2. Please, please read chapter two ahead of time as we won’t be able to read through all the verses as part of the message.

I will say this:  chapter two is truly pregnant with God’s providence and grace.  We could subtitle the chapter, What a Difference a Day Makes. It truly is an amazing story against the bleak and black backdrop of Israel’s history during the period of the Judges.  Ever feel like in life you were at “Wit’s End Corner?”  If so, you don’t want to miss this message.

See you Sunday!


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