On Sunday, July 17, 2022, Teaching Pastor Bruce Hess’ message is “Spiritual Gifts – Part 3” from our sermon series“Divinely Designed to Serve”. Below are some questions for your personal or group reflection.

1. Most of us are passionate about a particular sports team or type of music. Briefly share about which team or style of music you are passionate about and why.

2. Part of what Bruce said was that there is no one exactly like you. Indeed, you are God’s unique handiwork/masterpiece/His special composition. Why is it we so often struggle to believe that emotionally?

3. Bruce laid out a short summary of what is meant by Heart Passion. Recall and share some of the descriptions that were given of what Heart Passion is.

4. It was stated that there are two sources for our Heart Passion: How God wired us and How God is at work in us. What have you learned about yourself from each of those sources?

5. Reflect, think through, discuss the following questions: – What ministry possibilities excite you? – What would you rather do for others more than anything else? – Who are you most excited to serve? – What would you desire to do for others if $$$ or time were not an issue?

6. Spend some time in the coming days creatively reflecting on (and praying about) filling in the blanks on the statements below:

– My ministry dream is ________.

– I would love for God to use me to ________.

-At the end of my life I’d like to be able to look back and know I’d done _________ for others.

​​​​​​​7. Praise the Lord that He has Divinely Designed you to Serve!

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