Hey Wildwood Family!

This has been a “different” week for the Hess family.  Our 42-year-old daughter, Emily, started chemo treatment on Tuesday for stage 4 mucinous adeno carcinoma which she’s been diagnosed.  Em has been a traveling surgical technician for some years now.  Currently she is staying with us as she undergoes treatment.

Emily likes to tease that she is following in her daddy’s footsteps as I’ve battled prostate cancer twice.  The prognosis is unclear at this point, but we would covet your prayers for minimal side effects and maximum effectiveness in the chemo process.  Thank you.

My goodness, you blink your eyes and it’s July!  Better hang onto your hat…it’ll be Christmas soon!! 😉

I’m excited to be speaking in the month of July as we start a new series I’ve entitled, Divinity Designed to Serve.  This is a series for all ages and for all followers of Jesus.  We will be mining the phenomenal truth that as followers of Jesus we are true masterpieces that God has specifically designed to serve Him and others.

Part of what we will be looking at on Sunday will be what Ray Stedman described as “the lost treasure of Christianity.”  What is that?  Well, come Sunday and we’ll investigate together!

Please note that this Sunday is one of our rare “All-in” Sundays, an opportunity for the whole family to attend church together.  This Sunday there will no nursey, children’s, student or adult groups meeting.  Let’s ALL huddle at 8:30; 9:45 or 11:00 and worship together!  All classes will resume as normal next week.

Also, for families with students – please note that Wildwood Students camp registration closes soon.  Don’t miss out!

See you Sunday,


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