In any competition, “intelligence” can be a helpful.  By “intelligence” I am not referring to the size of one’s intellect (though an exercised brain is certainly helpful.)  By “intelligence” I do mean information that can help you know what your opponent’s strategy or tendencies are.

In military operations, knowing where bases and weapons are located can help plan a successful attack.  In sports, knowing your opponent’s tendencies prepares you on how to respond.  

A timely example from the Women’s College World Series might help illustrate this point.  For tonight’s game, if the University of Texas knew exactly what pitch the OU hurler was going to throw (say an inside screwball) before they threw it, it would give the Longhorn a much better shot at hitting the ball!  

Now, intelligence (of course) is not everything.  If you told me exactly where Jordy Bahl was going to pitch it, I STILL COULD NOT HIT IT.  Why?  Because information is not everything.  Information in my hands would simply make me a smarter strikeout.  However, information in the hands of a skilled ballplayer makes all the difference in the world!

I go through this today, because in Revelation 12-13, followers of Jesus Christ get “intelligence” on our chief opponent – Satan himself.  In these two chapters we learn quite a bit about who the devil is, what his plans are in the future, and his ultimate fate.  This intel is given to equip us with the knowledge needed to face our enemy at the plate.  Plus, we find out how we can overcome his deception and not strikeout … as we are reminded in whose hands the “bat” ultimately rests (Jesus Christ).

So, join us this Sunday at Wildwood for an “intelligence briefing” on our enemy from Revelation 12-13 in part 5 of our “Lord of the Earth” sermon series.  Know that we will not have time to unpack every single verse in this section, so I would encourage you to read these verses ahead of our time on Sunday to help orient you. (As always in this series, I will post additional thoughts on this blog after the message is over).

  See you at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00.  Come … and bring friends!

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