I am both an OU fan and graduate. I also love sports, and follow the Sooners wherever I can. In this day and age of the “transfer portal,” coaches changing schools, and the very real threat of injuries, fans like me often play the “what if” game.
  • November of last year, it was “what if our coach leaves?”
  • December of last year, it was “what if our quarterback leaves?”
  • This spring it has been, “what if our new quarterback gets hurt?”
  • In basketball, the revolving door of transfers in and out over the past few years have us always asking the question, “what if these guys go pro or transfer?”
I could go on, but you catch my drift. We often worry about what happens if SOMEONE (insert the name of the star of the moment) is not around. This is part of the sport of being a sports fan.
Now, I want to make a hard turn, and ask a very important question: What if Jesus were gone? What if He transferred out of the land of the living at the moment of His earthly death on the cross? What if there were no resurrection, no ascension, no contemporary life of Christ, no exaltation, no glorification, no presence of Jesus in heaven above? Where would THAT leave us?
I’ll tell you where it would leave us – weeping bitterly and feeling without hope.
Well, we will look at that this Sunday morning at Wildwood in part 2 of our “Lord of Heaven” sermon series as we explore Revelation 5:1-7. At one point in the Apostle John’s tour of heaven, he breaks down and weeps bitterly … over and over again. Why was He weeping in heaven? Because He was imagining a reality without the resurrected and reigning Christ … his initial survey of paradise did not spot the All important One. But when he sees Jesus, O man … well, you just need to see it for yourself.
See you Sunday at Wildwood in our 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 worship service … and bring friends.  

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