Hey Wildwood Family!

Time flies, doesn’t it?  It was two years ago today that the Utah Jazz-OKC Thunder game was canceled with fans in the stands when star Utah center Rudy Gobert tested positive for Covid.  That was our initial entrance into “Covid-ville” where we’ve spent some 24 months in pandemic darkness.

SO glad there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope we never have to go through such a confusing, conflict-laden time again.  I hope I never again have to pick up one of the myriad of masks that I have stacked in a pile.  I’m confident you feel the same.

While we celebrate relief from Covid, the people of the Ukraine are suffering at the hands of an evil tyrant.  Please pray for them.  I pray every day for God to confound the Russian army.  I pray for judgment on Mr. Putin.

I’ve been told that the Ukraine has more evangelical churches than any nation in Europe.  I’ve also heard that the Ukraine was the number one missionary sending nation in Europe. The Enemy of souls no doubt has them directly in his sights.

Certainly, our brothers and sisters in Christ covet our prayers.  Pray for God’s spiritual kingdom to continue to spread even amidst these times of painful suffering. On Sunday we will share about how Wildwood plans to help some.

I haven’t had the privilege of sharing God’s Word with you since last October.  I’m excited that we will be launching on Sunday a 4-part series from 2 Peter chapter three, a series I’ve entitled, Remember, Judgment is Coming.  The title for this Sunday’s message is Embrace Biblical Prophecy.  Please read 2 Peter chapter three before Sunday.  We will be focusing on 3:1-6.  My two previous series on 2 Peter, chapters one and two, are available on brucehess.com  Check it out!

Meanwhile, enjoy the snow!  No doubt it will be the last of the winter.

See you Sunday!


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