1. Many of us know the experience of getting “discombobulated” while scurrying through airport security. Have you had something happen to you going through security that was funny or especially frustrating? Share some about it.


  1. One thing is abundantly clear in 2 Peter 2—Peter is far from politically correct in the stance he takes regarding false teachers. List some reasons why that is so.


  1. Peter designates false teachers in verse 17 as “springs without water.” What does he mean by that? Can you think of some real-life examples?


  1. Many scholars believe in verse 18 that Peter points out that the false teachers special target was newer or younger believers. Why would they target that group?


  1. Bruce points out that even to skilled expositors verses 20-22 are a confusing epilogue. What reason did Bruce cite for why that is? Can you summarize both the Majority View and the Minority View?


  1. Bruce cited two reasons why he leans toward the Minority View. What were they? (see at bottom for the answer)


  1. Bruce concluded by calling us to “Live what you believe.” He stated that we can do that by demonstrating 1) humility 2) authenticity  3) accountability.  Brainstorm what it would look like in practical terms for us to demonstrate those three ideas.


  1. Close in prayer by thanking God again for His indescribable gift of salvation.



1) the strong similarity of wording between 1:1:1-4 and 2:20 including the exact same verbal structure for “escape”   2) Paul’s closing statement later in 3:17-18 that seems to coincide with the Minority View

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