Hey Wildwood Family!

Just got back from Mississippi (are you impressed that I remembered how to spell it: M-I-S-S ~ I-S-S ~ I-P-P-I?).

Janet and I along with my oldest daughter, Rebekah, left on Sunday afternoon and drove down to help my #2 daughter, Emily, make an important move back to Oklahoma. We helped her go through a large storage place she had rented, box up all her belongings, load a 20-foot truck with a trailer and then make a three-vehicle caravan trip to Oklahoma.  We got back Thursday late afternoon.

So grateful for a team of folks who helped us unload the truck. Whew! I’m not getting any younger.   😉   We made the trip because we wanted to serve Emily in getting her from Mississippi back to the land of red clay, 4 true seasons, and a wind that comes sweeping down the plain.  It’s great to be back.

Just a reminder:  This Sunday July 4 is not only the celebration of our independence and the founding of our country, but it is also an “All-In” Sunday.  We will still have our three Sunday services at 9:00am, 10:15am, and 11:30 am but there will be no Adult, Student, nor Children’s classes offered on the 4th.  Bring the whole family to the service which will have a family friendly message for all from Mark 10!

Our topic for Sunday is:  “Serving or Self-serving?”  As we gaze into our spiritual mirror, which is truer of me (whether I’m young or old)?  Am I more like Jesus, or more like the disciples in Mark 10?  Of course, we’re called to be more like Jesus. It’ll be a great look for everyone!


See you Sunday!


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