Questions for Reflection – Tough Times – Week one

  1. What situations in life most easily remind you that we live in a broken world? Make a list.


  1. Bruce said, when we face Tough Times and suffering it affects our heart and touches our soul. Agree? Why do you think that’s so?


  1. It was mentioned in the message that too often we succumb to “location amnesia.” What was meant by that? What contributes to our tendency to succumb to it?  Discuss.


  1. How can the promise of a better eternal future ahead assist us as we encounter Tough Times?


  1. Re-read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. What practical truth for everyday life does Paul share in those verses?


  1. Bruce said, “biblical waiting is not passive.” He elaborated by saying it involves actively remembering (who God is and what He has done), actively accessing (spiritual wisdom and divine resources), and actively serving Jesus. In which area do you most need to grow and why?


  1. Take some time in prayer before the Heavenly Father to freshly admit your limitations and to re-affirm your deep need for His perspective and strength.

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