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December 13

What if Jesus had not been born?  (Luke 2:6-7)

Have you ever stopped to think what life would be like without Christmas?  If somehow it were possible to eliminate Christmas from the landscape of human history, what would be the net effect?  In answering that question, here is a sort of “un-Christmas” list of the things lost if Christmas never happened:

  • Wal Mart would be forced to find other items to fill their shelves from August to December.
  • Ebenezer Scrooge would have been able to work every day in December without any “unwanted visitors.”
  • The average man would own 10 less “bad ties” and the average woman would own 14 less “decorative items,” the cumulative result of one less yearly gift giving mandate.
  • Hallmark would go out of business.
  • The Grinch would have to find something else to steal.
  • Families would no longer get together for big parties and meals at the end of every December.
  • Jimmy Stewart would never have realized that he had a wonderful life.
  • We would never have heard anything about flying reindeer or jolly overweight men in red suits giving gifts to those who have been “nice”.

As sad as it would be to give up all that, the loss of Christmas would cost humanity so much more.  To fully understand the impact of a Christmasless history, we have to go back and investigate the origin of Christmas and the reason for this season of celebration.

If Christmas were truly lost, the greatest impact on humanity would be that mankind would be separated from God forever.  That’s right.  Without Christmas, you and I would stand no chance at gaining access to heaven after we die and no opportunity to have a relationship with God in the here and now.  If Christmas were skipped historically speaking, humanity would be without hope.

All humanity suffers from a terminal condition known theologically as “sin.”  Sin is anything that falls short of God’s perfect standard.  Any honest survey of our own lives informs us that there is plenty in our lives that falls short of divine perfection.  The problem with the sin in our lives is that it has a consequence.  The Bible tells us in Romans 6:23 that the “wages of sin is death.”  Therefore, because of our sin, a price of death has to be paid.  When Jesus was born into the world 2,000 years ago at the first Christmas, He started His earthly life so that He could end it on the cross.  Without physical birth, physical death would be unattainable, so He was born . . . and He was born to die in our place.  Your sin (and mine) demands a death, only who will die for your sin?  There are only two options.  Either you will pay the price for your own sin and after your physical death be separated from God forever in hell, or you can put your faith in Jesus Christ.  If you do, then the death He died in His Passion will pay the penalty for your sins, so that you might spend eternity with God in heaven.

If Christmas never happened, Wal Mart would find another way to sell toys and decorations, people would find other ways to honor each other with gifts, families would gather for celebrations at New Year’s, and Hollywood would entertain us at Winter Wonderlands instead of at the North Pole.  Life would move on in each of these areas.  However, if Christmas never happened, mankind would be without a Savior . . . and there is no other solution to that problem.  This year, as you celebrate the holidays, remember the part of Christmas that you cannot afford to skip.  Without Christ in your heart, your life and future are without hope.  When Jesus was born … so was our future.

Suggested song for today:  “Silent Night”


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