August 11, 2020

Dear Wildwood,

Hello Church!  This past Sunday, as we continued our “5 Follows” sermon series, we talked about growing in our faith this year by following Jesus into the Word (the Bible).  If you missed that message, you can listen or watch it here.

Yesterday morning, I spoke with the local director of Salvation Army here in Norman and she told me that this COVID-19 era has led many of our city’s most vulnerable to be asking a lot of spiritual questions.  In response to these questions, her organization has been handing out Bibles to those seeking answers.  I was SO ENCOURAGED that at our city’s only overnight homeless shelter, the Bible is given out as the “light” in the “darkness.”

As they have been passing out many Bibles recently she asked me for some help.  She wanted to know if we could provide any Bibles to distribute to people they interact with … gently used Bibles would be fine. I WOULD LOVE FOR US TO HELP.

If we truly embrace that the Bible is the Word of God … if we truly long to obey and study it, and believe life and transformation are possible for those who do …. wouldn’t we want everyone in our city to have a copy?

So, I wanted to invite you to help me help our city follow Jesus into the Word this year.  If you have a copy of a modern translation of the Bible (ESV, NASB, NIV, NLT), that has a readable font and is in good shape (either new or like new), would you consider donating it to one of our area’s homeless?  You can either give a copy you already have, or buy one to donate at a bookstore or online.  We will have a bin to collect these at Wildwood in our Gathering Hall (Foyer) this Sunday morning (8/16).  We would love to have you participate with us in this effort!


In Christ,

Pastor Mark

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