When was the last time you said (or thought), “If I just had ____________, then I would be happy?”  

Not that long ago?  Me too.

What did you put in the blank (If I just had ______, then I would be happy)?

  • Boat?
  • Car?
  • House?
  • Toy?
  • Phone?
  • Computer?
  • New countertops?
  • Furniture?
  • Article of clothing?
  • Vacation?

Now, I want you to think back to the last time you had an appetite for one of those things, and purchased it … how long did the satisfaction last before you put something new in the blank?  Not long?  Me neither.  You got what you said you wanted, but then you quickly just wanted something else.

This is the trouble with our appetites.  We feed them, and they don’t go away … they just grow.

This is why anchoring our joy and peace to getting this or that is so futile.  When we get “this,” we just want “that”!  This can put us on a treadmill chasing a satisfaction that will always be just beyond reach.  There is no peace in your world if stuff is what you are chasing.

So what is the alternative?  Is it possible for us to have a steady peace that persists in plenty AND in want?  Yes it is.  And the Apostle Paul talks to us about that in Philippians 4:10-20.  We are going to be looking at that this Sunday morning, July 26 at Wildwood Community Church in our Sunday morning worship services, as we wrap up our “(Your World) Peace” sermon series.  We hope you make plans to join us in either our 8:00 Outdoor Chapel Service, or 9:30 or 11:00 indoor worship service this Sunday.  Also you can join us on the livestream at 9:30 (or anytime after) –  wildwoodchurch.org/live .  Hope to see you there this weekend!

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