Recently, my wife and I had the privilege of serving as “hosts” at a Christian family camp in Colorado.  We loved the chance to connect with many, point people to God’s truth, encourage faith in Christ, and enjoy our time in the mountains.

Each night while we were there, the camp staff organized a special event for families to participate in.  The first night was the “Family Olympics:” numerous events were set up around a gymnasium for us to compete against our crew or other families.  One of the events was titled “fencing,” and consisted of two people standing on a balance beam while trying to knock the other off with a glorified pool noodle.  After a while watching others compete in this event, it was my turn to fight.  Who hopped up to be my opponent?  My wife.

I have known my wife for 35 years, been married for nearly 24 of them.  There are few things I don’t know about her.  But, when we stepped into the octagon and up on that balance beam, she channeled her inner Daniel LaRusso … and I realized I had no idea that she must have been a part of a dojo all these years.  She knocked me off that beam without difficulty, taking both my pride AND balance with one simple swing of the pool noodle. 

Now, I tell you that story today because this era we are all living in is a balance beam.  Every morning we stand precariously on a plank as the world, the flesh, and the devil take swings at us to knock us down.  

  • The virus swings for our faces
  • The economy jabs at our pocketbook
  • Social Media tries to split us in two
  • Words and actions of others beat us about

How do we stand in the midst of these attacks?  How do we keep our balance in this world?  How do we have (not just world peace), but PEACE IN OUR WORLD?  This is the subject of the next 3 weeks’ sermons at Wildwood Community Church.  I will be preaching this three part series based on Philippians 4:2-20, as we investigate “(Your World) Peace.”  These messages show how there is peace you can experience in Christ related to:

  • Your relationships with others (Philippians 4:2-3) – July 12
  • Your own mind and soul (Philippians 4:3-9) – July 19
  • Your attitude toward your possessions (Philippians 4:10-20) – July 26

Don’t you want peace in your world today?  Regardless of circumstances, this peace is available in Jesus, and we will be looking into God’s Word to see how that is possible all month long.  Hope you can join us this week in our 8:00 AM (outdoor), 9:30 & 11:00 AM (indoor) or livestream (available 9:30AM or after at )

See you Sunday … and bring friends!

NOTE:  To see the latest about Wildwood’s COVID-19 response, including our application of the city’s face covering ordinance, click here.

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