This spring has been a time of loss, hasn’t it?  What we thought we had in February has been exchanged for something different over the past 90 days.  

  • Some of you have lost loved ones to disease … and lost the chance to mourn them in a memorial service.
  • Some of you have lost your job amidst a pandemic.
  • Some of you have lost savings as your income froze for months and you hope it will soon thaw out.
  • Some of you lost the notion that “all is well” in our country … as racial unrest, political differences, and demands for change have forced hard conversations everywhere we turn.
  • Some of you lost sleep over the stress of the moment.
  • Some of you lost your graduation ceremony.
  • Some of you lost your dream wedding with all your friends in attendance.
  • Some of you lost your mind, yelling at the TV over current news developments.

And on, and on, and on it goes.  This spring has been a time of loss.  BUT, what if there is something gained in the midst of this time?  What if God is doing something great in this moment, through all these trials?  What if the uncertainty of this spring leads you to a certain understanding of your eternity in Christ?  What if …

What if what we gain in this moment is GREATER THAN what we lost?

This is the question we are going to be asking the next two weeks at Wildwood Community Church as we look at two passages from Paul’s letter to his friends at the church in Philippi.  In the midst of a time of great personal loss (arrest, imprisonment, impending martyrdom, etc.) Paul says that he “will  rejoice” (Philippians 1:18).  How could he rejoice in a time of great trouble?  Well, he explains that in this letter.  

  • In Philippians 1:18-26, he describes how his understanding of life (and death) allow him to GAIN JOY, even if he LOSES HIS LIFE.  
  • In Philippians 3:1-16, he describes how he can GAIN JOY, by deepening His relationship with Jesus, even if he LOSES RELIANCE ON HIS RESUME.

Over the next two Sundays at Wildwood, we will look at those two passages together to see how we can also have JOY in the midst of this season of loss.  After all, what we gain in Christ is far GREATER THAN what we lose.  

Hope to see you this Sunday, June 14, in one of our 4 morning worship opportunities:

  • 8:00AM – Outside in-person service in Wildwood’s back parking lot (by Children’s building)
  • 9:30AM – Indoor in-person service in Wildwood’s worship center
  • 9:30AM – Livestream online at
  • 11:00AM – Indoor in-person service in Wildwood’s worship center

Please join us Sunday in one of our “All-In” worship services!  No children, student, or adult classes meeting on site, but worship services for the entire family!  See you Sunday and bring friends!

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