On Sunday, June 7, 2020, Teaching Pastor Bruce Hess’ message is “Singing in the storm, Part 2” it is Part 5 of our current sermon series Anchored. Below are some questions for your personal or group reflection.

1. In 3:17 Habakkuk expresses what great adversity would look like in an agrarian society. How might you re-word verse 17 to reflect your world?

2. Bruce quoted Harlan Betz who said:  Singing in the storm does not indicate ignorance of the storm; it indicates confidence in God.  Why is that true?

3. What passages from Scripture help you to trust the Lord in turbulent times? Share why.

4. Trusting the Lord can be viewed by some as complete passivity.  How is trusting the Lord by faith different from mere passivity?

5. Habakkuk makes an amazing declaration in 3:17-18. What factors enabled him to take that stance?

6. There is an incredible statement of honesty and transparency in 3:16.  Share or reflect on a time when you may have experienced similar feelings.

7. Through the study of Habakkuk how have you grown spiritually?  What has God taught you?

8. One day…
What is unexplained                               Will be explained
What is lacking                                         Will be made full
What hurts                                                Will be healed
Injustice                                                     Will be fully rectified
Our faith during the dark times            Will be rewarded generously

Express some praise to God for these truths.

9.  Bruce said, Whenever we begin to doubt God’s love we should be drawn back to Romans 5:8.  Take a few moments to memorize that verse.

10.  Explore the website: fathersloveletter.com.  Alert some of your friends to it.  Praise our Heavenly Father for His overwhelming love.

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