Christmas 2016.  Do you remember that time?  Yeah, it is fuzzy for me too.  President Obama was still in the White House, Bob Stoops was still the coach of the Sooners, and the iPhone still had a “home button.”  

2016 also was my first Christmas while serving as Senior Pastor at Wildwood Community Church.  That Christmas, I preached a series called “The Coming of the King” from Matthew 1-2.  This series of messages launched us onto a 3.5 year journey of preaching through the Gospel of Matthew.  Since then, our sermons have preached (verse by verse) through all 28 chapters of the book (taking a few breaks for holidays, other timely series, etc.)

I say that because THIS SUNDAY, April 19, we will wrap up our sermons from the book of Matthew by looking at Matthew 28:16-20 … the Great Commission.  This Sunday’s message will be the tenth and final installment in the “Defeating Death” series … which is the 14th series from Matthew.  Over the past 3.5 years, we have seen (NOTE:  Series are hyperlinked to the section of my blog where all resources are located for that series – questions, sermons, previews, etc.):

I.  The Prologue

A.  Coming of the King (Matthew 1-2) – where did He come from?

B.  Foundations of a Gospel Movement (Matthew 3-4) – preparing for His ministry

C.  The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) – the power of His teaching

II.  The Invitation for us to Follow Him

A.  Follow (Matthew 8-10) – His gracious invitation to follow Him

B.  First Responders (Matthew 11-12) – Some follow … others didn’t

C.  Like (Matthew 13) – What is the Kingdom of God like?

D.  Sink or Stand (Matthew 14-15) – Following Him into ministry

E.  Reveal (Matthew 16-17) – Who are we following?

F.  Relating to ____  (Matthew 18-20) – What does it look like for us to follow Him in various areas?

III.  The King of Kings Victorious

A.  Father Heart of God (Matthew 21-23) – His desire for us to believe

B.  Authentic (Matthew 21-23) – His rejection of the religion of His day

C.  King of the Mountain (Matthew 21-23) – His answer to all questions

D.  Tomorrow (Matthew 24-25) – His Kingdom will still come

E.  Defeating Death (Matthew 26-28) – His victory that we may share

In this Sunday’s sermon, Jesus says that “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me (28:18).”  The King of Kings is reminding us that He has dominion.  Our 3.5 year journey through Matthew has documented that through Jesus’ life:  He has shown His authority over Satan, in teaching, over disease, over nature, over the religious establishment … over it all!  This Sunday, having been reminded of His authority over it all, we will see the mission that He has committed to His followers – including you and me.  What are we called to do in this age in which we live?  Our King tells us in Matthew 28:16-20.  Can’t wait to look at this passage with you on Sunday as we wrap up our 3.5 year journey through Matthew’s Gospel.  “See you” on the livestream at 11 am –   and invite friends to join us as well!


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