This Sunday at Wildwood Community Church, we are excited to be celebrating the water baptisms of 19 people!  We will hear their stories of how they have come to faith in Christ, and worship Jesus together who is our hope in life and death!  Can’t wait for Sunday!  Make plans to join us in our 9:45 or 11:00 service.

As is our tradition here at Wildwood, on baptism Sundays we do not have our regularly scheduled adult Sunday groups, Middle School/High School groups, or Elementary (K-5th grade), classes meeting.  We do this to encourage all in attendance to join us for these baptism celebrations.  Only our preschool, toddler, and nursery classes will be meeting on Sunday (to care for our youngest members).  For all else, let’s gather in the Worship Center at 9:45 or 11:00 as there is much to celebrate!!!

Being baptized this Sunday:

9:45 Service:

  1. Avery Van Hook 
  2. Addison Cam
  3. Lilia Whitson
  4. Hudson Guy
  5. Ryder Guy
  6. Christian Holton
  7. Patrick Hopper
  8. Matt Leonard
  9. Lindsey Shaddrix

11:00 Service:

  1. Presley Rowland
  2. Sladen Rowland 
  3. Banner Penwell
  4. Emily Bennett
  5. Lexi Davidson
  6. Caroline Goode 
  7. Ben Gochanour
  8. Ollie Norman
  9. Nathan Woo
  10. Bahman Yeganeh


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