In the beginning, the only thing that “WAS”, was God.  Nothing else had a past tense at that point.  In the time that we know of as the beginning God already WAS and everything else WASN’T.  

At that time, God set out to make a universe that was GOOD for His GOOD purpose.  He created the sun, moon, and stars (and then said, “It was good.”)  This pattern repeated itself as God created plants, oceans, and animals (He would create it, then state that it was “good” – see Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25).  

However, there was a moment in the creation process where God said specifically that something was NOT GOOD.  That moment was when only man (Adam) existed on the earth.  When the only human was a male, the Lord said (for the first time in our Bibles) that something was “not good” (Genesis 2:18).  Now, what did God mean by this?  A few possibilities exists:

  2. God was only concerned about the propagation of the species . . . Adam could not reproduce physically alone, so an “Adam only” world was “not good.”  (THIS IS POSSIBLE, BUT IT SEEMS AS THOUGH SOMETHING MORE WAS AT STAKE GIVEN THE REST OF THE NARRATIVE IN GENESIS 2.)
  3. God wanted to highlight the necessity of men AND women in accomplishing His work in this world.  

I think option 3 is the preferred understanding, and best explains Genesis 1:27’s emphasis on both men and women being created in the image of God, and how a humanity with both men and women (different yet equal in God’s eyes) led God to comment that a universe with Adam AND Eve was not just “good,” but “VERY GOOD (1:31).”

As God set up humanity for His good purpose on this earth, He gave some distinct roles of honor to both men and women in two of the primary building blocks of His social economy:  the home and the church.  While certain complementary roles are encouraged for men and women in these spheres, the objective is the same for both genders – to influence people for Christ and to bring glory to God wherever we go.  

This Mother’s Day Sunday at Wildwood Community Church in our 9:45 and 11:00 service, we will be looking at a variety of New Testament texts to see what the Bible teaches about the awesome opportunities women have to influence people for Christ both home (in their physical family) and away (in their spiritual family – the church).  

My life has been and continues to be greatly blessed by the women the Lord has placed around me home & away, and I am looking forward to celebrating the gift the Lord has given to our world in the women around us who follow Jesus together to the glory of God.  Can’t wait to see you Sunday as we dive into God’s Word together.


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