Do you like a good mystery?  Sherlock Holmes?  Agatha Christy?  Jessica Fletcher? CSI?  Matlock?  Surely in there somewhere you gave an AMEN!

We like a good mystery.  A mystery is a reality that has not yet been revealed.  In the context of the protagonists mentioned before, mysteries are crimes that have already been committed, but the details are obscured until the end of the episode.  Mysteries engage us at a very deep level.

Where did half of the Marvel Universe go when Thanos snapped his fingers (and will we ever see them again?!)?  Will Luke Skywalker be back in Episode 9?  These are pressing questions that we want to know the answers to, but we have to wait until the producers release the films to find out the conclusions . . . even though the author already knows what is going to happen.  

I share these points about “mysteries” today because in Ephesians 3:1-13, the word “mystery” is used by the Apostle Paul three times.  What is the mystery he is referring to?  The mystery he is referring to is “the church.”  That’s right . . . there is a mystery playing right now that is starring you and me (and all other followers of Jesus in this world!)  

In what way is the “church” a mystery?  What is God premiering through us?  How does this impact our lives and lead us to worship God?  Tune into Wildwood this Sunday morning at 9:45 or 11:00 in our worship services as we try to understand what God is doing in the “Mystery of the Church” – part 2 of “The Church” series.  See you Sunday!

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