Friends, if you were at Wildwood this past weekend, you know that we have entered into a partnership with Compassion International, including helping connect sponsors for the children in the new church plant  in Lagoa de Sao Francisco, Brazil.  Many of you participated with us last weekend in this effort!  Thank you and praise God!

We had 1,910 “stories viewed” in the Compassion Experience (Jey and Kiwi’s stories were shared in the trailer there in a powerful and interactive way).  We also had 223 children around the world who received sponsorships last weekend, with 154 of those students being from our church plant partner in Lagoa de Sao Francisco, Brazil.  WOW!  What a generous response by the people of Wildwood.  We are praising God for this!

This leaves only 46 children from the church plant in Lagoa still in need of sponsorship.  Between now and Easter Sunday, the packets representing these remaining children will still be at Wildwood.  You can stop by our Compassion table in the Gathering Hall each of the next few Sundays to join the team in sponsoring these kids.

[Online below, there is a short video summarizing this update]

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