Are you familiar with the term “bandwagon fans”?  Bandwagon fans are people who become supporters of a team when that team is doing well, but show no interest the rest of the time.  Back in 2000, when the University of Oklahoma won its last national championship, suddenly the Sooner Schooner was crowded with people who claimed to be HUGE OU fans, but knew nothing about the team in the 90’s.  These are fans who bought season tickets after the 2002 Rose Bowl victory, but sold them after our quarterback separated his shoulder in 2009.  We might think of “Bandwagon Fans” as opportunists, people who want to share in the excitement but skip out at the first sign of loss.

Interestingly enough, Jesus talks about bandwagon fans in His sermon preached at the ordination of the 12 disciples before their first mission trip.  Jesus gathered His followers and told them that they were going to experience a few “losses” as they followed Him.  Because they follow Jesus, they may be rejected by their family, arrested by their government, or disciplined by their “church.”  Because of those losses, His followers might have been tempted to hop off the schooner at the next turn, and find the next exciting opportunity to leach onto.

As Jesus continues to preach, though, He clarifies to His disciples why they should still Proclaim Him in the light, and not cower in the dark; why they should Prioritize Him in their life above all else, and wait for His greater reward. 

How about you?  Are you a true follower of Jesus, or simply a “Bandwagon Fan”?  Will you follow Christ even in hard times, or only when it is easy or exciting?  As Charles Spurgeon said:

“Lord, let me never blush to own Thee in all companies!  Work in me a bold spirit by Thy Holy Spirit.  Let me confess Thy truth whatever the spirit of the age may be, uphold Thy church when she is most despised, obey Thy precepts when they cost most dear, and glory in Thy name when it is most reproached.”

This Sunday at Wildwood Community Church in our 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 worship services, we will be wrapping up our “Follow” series by looking at Matthew 10:26-42 and seeing how we can have no fear and put Jesus in a position without rival in our lives.  Join us for worship this week as we praise the Lord through song, celebrate the Lord’s Supper together, unite our hearts in prayer, and look deeply into God’s Word to see what He has for us.  Join us this Sunday!

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