This morning I preached a sermon at Wildwood Community Church from Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 24:44-53, and Acts 1:6-12.  This message focused on the “Famous Last Words” of Jesus, known as the Great Commission.  I used a number of summary slides today that I had several people ask me about  . . . so I am including them below for you to reference.  The sermon audio is found at this post.  (NOTE:  If you did not hear the message, these slides may or may not make sense to you 🙂  ).

famous-last-words-recap-001 famous-last-words-recap-002 famous-last-words-recap-003 famous-last-words-recap-004 famous-last-words-recap-005 famous-last-words-recap-006 famous-last-words-recap-007


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