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Do you ever feel as though you are surrounded by bad news?  That, no matter where you look, there is something else to be fearful of or anxious about?  World events, politics, illnesses, and wars press us on one side, while our own failures and mistakes (and the consequences that follow) seem to squeeze us from the other.   Like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo in the original Star Wars movie, we feel like we are in a trash compactor, being crushed by the weight of the things around us.  Can you relate?  We need a new hope!

When we are hard pressed between our past and our present we can wonder if there is any hope for our future. It is natural for us to ask this question.  Thankfully, God has provided us an answer!

God has made a way for us to overflow with peace, hope, and joy.  This is truly remarkable because all of us reading this live in a world that wants to make us disappointed, depressed, and fearful.  In Jesus Christ, however, God offers us a living hope.

Because Jesus died on the cross for our sin, we can have the peace of forgiveness.  Because He rose from the dead, we can have the joy of a new life.  Because He has promised to return to the earth one day, we can have hope of eternity.

Life is not perfect.  It is hard, and we will struggle.  But we come together as believers in Jesus Christ, reminding each other to continue to believe in the peace, joy, and hope that is possible through Jesus.

Join us at Wildwood Community Church as we find our hope in Jesus Christ together.  We gather for worship each Sunday at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 at  1501 24th Ave. NE in Norman, OK.




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