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I stood there over my putt for a good two or three seconds.  I needed to sink this par saver to keep pace with my opponent and not fall behind before we headed to the back nine.  I lined it up, hit it clean and watched it disappear into the bottom of the cup!

No, this was not my attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open . . . it was me making my putt to save “2” on the seventh hole of mini golf at Hey Day Family Fun Center in Norman; and my opponent was my nine year old son Josh.  After we finished this hole, we had to determine where to go next, as the path to the next tee box moved in two different directions.  On one path (on a steep incline) sat a sign that pointed to the next hole.  On the other path (a much more gradual and curb-free ascent) sat a sign that said “ADA Route.” 

Josh wanted to know what the “ADA Route” was all about.  I told him it was related to the “Americans with Disabilities Act” and provided a path for people in wheel chairs to enjoy their round of golf just like we were by taking a more acceptable route.  The owners of Hey Day had thought ahead and made their course accessible to all.

As we played mini golf this afternoon, I was reminded of Romans 10:5-21 — the verses that will serve as the anchor of our sermon on Sunday (part 4 in the “Family Tree” series).  The climb to salvation is extremely steep and impossible to scale in the strength of our own good works.  In fact, because of our sin, no one has a chance of climbing to salvation in our own power.  However, our God thought ahead and made a way for our salvation to be accessible to all. The Way God provided is through Jesus Christ our Lord and connects us to salvation through faith in Him.

Join us Sunday, June 19 in our 9:30 or 11:00 service at Wildwood Community Church as we see  how God has made salvation easily accessible, equally accessible, evangelistically accessible to all . . . even though most still reject it.  See you Sunday . . . and invite a friend!

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