March 16

Read: Mark 14:51-52

Have you ever felt all alone?  Ever felt abandoned by others?  You might have felt this after friends failed to include you in their plans, after a divorce, after the death of a loved one, or after a move to a new city.  Most people (at some time in their life) know the sting of what it feels like to be be alone.  Guess what – Jesus also knows what it feels like to be alone. After His arrest, all His followers and friends immediately left Him.  In fact, some left so fast (as in the verses you read today) they left their clothing in a pile behind!  That’s right – Jesus’ friends risked the shame of public nakedness instead of standing by their friend in His time of need. 

Question of the Day: Have you ever “abandoned” Jesus in public conversation?  Ever avoided a conversation that was turning to Christ because you did not want to “out” yourself as one of His followers?

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