Art by Josh Martin
Art by Josh Martin

Read: Mark 14:43-50

At times, law enforcement officers take part in a “man hunt.”  In these circumstances a criminal is on the run and needs to be tracked down so he can be arrested.  When we read Mark 14, at one level it looks like a “man hunt” for Jesus.  Though Jesus was no criminal (far from it), He was viewed as such by the Jewish religious establishment, and they wanted to arrest Him.  As we reflect on these events at a deeper level though, it becomes clear that no man hunt was ever needed to find Christ.  Daily Jesus was in the most public places in Israel!  The mob that gathers in 14:43 to go arrest Jesus was formed NOT to find Jesus generally (they could have just met Him at the Temple the next day) . . . but to find Him when He was away from the crowds in the city.  The religious leaders feared Jesus’ popularity, so they wanted to arrest Him in private.  Judas, therefore, becomes the conduit to lead them to Jesus without the crowd around.  Jesus was not hiding from the people . . . and He is not hiding from you today either.

Question of the Day: In His day, you could find Jesus in the Temple or ministering in the countryside.  Today, you can “find Jesus” by reading about Him in the Bible and gathering together with His followers.  What have you learned about Jesus from reading God’s Word throughout this Lent season?

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