Art by Jamie Stevens
Art by Jamie Stevens


Read:  John 15:1-17

In December 2007, Norman, Oklahoma turned into an ice cube.  Freezing rain covered the city adding three quarters of an inch of ice to every tree limb and power line. As the wind blew, the icy branches came down one after another.  At my house alone, literally hundreds of branches came down and littered the yard.  In their unattached state, the branches were not big and beautiful – they were brown and dying.  This phenomena taught me what every first semester Botany student knows . . . life in the branch comes from its connection to the vine (tree trunk).  Jesus knew this same principle applied to our spiritual life . . . spiritual life in the Christian comes from our continued connection to Christ.

Question of the Day:  Abiding in Christ (or remaining in Christ) is essential for the Christian.  It implies a sense of faithful dependence upon Jesus at all times as we obey Him.  What is any area of your life where you are tempted to not “abide in Christ” (i.e. do your own thing and sin)?  What would it mean for you to Abide in Jesus in that area of your life this week?

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