Art by Joshua Martin
Art by Joshua Martin

Read: John 14:15-31

Growing up, I was never alone.  Most of the time, one of my parents were around to guide, protect, and provide.  I don’t mean they were always sitting right beside me, but they were always close by.  If they ever needed to go out without me, they would appoint someone to provide the assistance and security I needed . . .acting in their place (sometimes this would be a babysitter, or a friend’s parent, or my older sister).  This oversight was a gracious gift from my parents to me and helped me learn to make good decisions and feel “secure” in life.  In John 14, Jesus lets His disciples know that even though He is soon to ascend into heaven, he was not going to leave them “home alone.”  Jesus was going to send another to care and provide for them.  Instead of sending someone young, inexperienced, or lacking authority, Jesus sends the third member of the Holy Trinity . . . the Holy Spirit Himself!  In today’s verses we see Jesus talking about the security, wisdom, and direction the Holy Spirit will play in the lives of Christ followers as we are maturing in our relationship with Him (while Jesus is “away).

Question of the Day:  What are some of the ministries of the Holy Spirit (or “Helper”) that you see mentioned in today’s verses?

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