Art by Eva Afendras
Art by Eva Afendras

Read:  Mark 14:22-25

The Passover meal was full of symbolism.  Every facet of the meal had a special meaning.  So, after eating part of the Passover meal together, Jesus stands up and begins providing new meaning for two of the elements on the table.  Jesus takes the bread and tells His disciples that the bread is a symbol of His Body.  Then He took the cup and said that it was a symbol of His blood.  Together, the bread and cup become symbolic reminders for the church of the new covenant that God made with people through Jesus.  On the cross, Jesus would give His body and spill His blood as a sacrifice for our sins.  Followers of Christ are encouraged to eat this symbolic meal frequently, remembering what Jesus has done for us, until He returns to this earth again.

Question of the Day:  What are some favorite memories (or questions) you have about this symbolic meal (also called the “Lord’s supper” or “communion”).

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