Art by Paige Cook
Art by Paige Cook

Read: John 13:1-20

Sometimes when I come home after having completed an activity outside (like playing golf or working in the yard), my wife will tell me that I “smell like the outdoors.”  I think this is a nice way for her to tell me that I stink!  We live in a world of air conditioning and deodorant . . . so we are sometimes protected from the stink of the “outdoors.”  However, in the first century, the world was a bit more dusty.  As such, when people would enter homes, they would have a servant wash the “outside” off their feet.  It was a lowly and mostly unpleasant job, but was a demonstration of kindness by the host.  In John 13, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, bends down and personally washes His disciples’ feet.  Though He had the authority to command ANYONE else to do this job, Jesus did it Himself.  Why?  To provide an example for us.  We are to serve one another.

Question of the Day: What are ways in which you can serve those around you this week?

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