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Read: Mark 14:3-9

What is something that costs one year of your salary to buy?  For some it might be a Lego set or a scooter (the total earned through allowance or a lemonade stand).  For others, it might be a new car (of varying degrees of luxury).  Still for others it might be a house.  What could you buy for one year’s wages?  In the week before Jesus’ death on the cross, Mary (sister of Martha and Lazarus – see John 12:1-5) anointed Jesus head with expensive perfume . . . perfume that would have cost about one year’s wages to buy.  Mary poured the entire flask of this perfume on Jesus’ head the week before His crucifixion.  Some disciples (led by Judas Iscariot — again see the parallel account in John 12) rebuked Mary for her extravagant gift, thinking it bad stewardship.  Jesus, however, accepts her offering as an anointing for His imminent burial.  Though Mary probably did not pour the perfume on Jesus thinking of His burial, Jesus knew exactly where He was headed.  The love, devotion, and generosity of Mary is held up by Jesus as an example for all His followers to emulate.

Question of the Day: Mary’s gift flowed out of her love for her Savior . . . and the Man who raised her brother from the dead!  What are some things God might be prompting you to do out of your love for Jesus this Easter season?

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