Art by Ethan Rhea
Art by Ethan Rhea

Read: Mark 11:12-14, 20-26

Fig trees are a common occurrence in Israel.  They are common sources for food.  The trees take three years to produce fruit after planting.  After that, they have an expected harvest of twice each year.  Jesus here sees a Fig Tree that looks like it should have fruit . . . but it does not.  This is a picture of the nation of Israel, who had three years of witnessing Jesus’ public ministry, but collectively had rejected Him as their Savior.  Therefore Jesus issues judgment upon this tree inciting the wonder of His disciples (who later saw the tree die – just as Jesus said.)  This reminds all of two things:  (1) There are consequences for rejecting Jesus.  (2) The Word of Jesus is able to accomplish real action and we are invited to pray to Jesus and ask Him to act on our behalf.

Question of the Day:  What is the consequence for rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior?

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