Art by Cayden Mueller
Art by Cayden Mueller


Read: Mark 11:1-11

Have you ever attended a parade on the Fourth of July?  These parades are times for people to celebrate America’s history.  When you attend one of these parades you might wear red, white, or blue clothing, and you would probably see people at the parade waving American flags while singing patriotic songs.  Other countries have similar celebrations of national pride.  In the first century, one such celebration would have been Passover.  During this season, Jewish people would join the “parade” of pilgrims headed to their capital city.  They would wave palm branches (a national symbol) and sing familiar songs (the Psalms of Ascent) as they approached the city.  All this was done remembering God’s faithfulness to His people in their history, and with a hopeful eye of what God might do for His people in the future.  As Jesus walked toward Jerusalem in Mark 11, He was a focal point in this parade.  People were no doubt wondering . . . “Is He the guy?”  “Is Jesus the Messiah?”  “Is He really the Savior we have been singing about and hoping for all our lives?”

Question of the Day:  Has there been a time in your life when you have become convinced that Jesus is the Savior of the world?

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