Art by Rachel McMullan
Art by Rachel McMullan

Read: John 3:16 

On Christmas Day, Jesus was born.  However, He did not stay an infant.  He grew up in this world and experienced what you and I experience.  He was hungry and thirsty; encouraged and discouraged; warm and cold; tired and rested.  For three decades Jesus lived out a perfect life on this planet.  At the end of His life He began a public ministry, performing miracles to remind us that God cares for the weak and provides healing.  He walked on water and cast out demons to demonstrate that He had power over all things. He taught sermons and told parables to help people understand the Kingdom of God.  He trained a set of disciples and commissioned them to change the world. Finally, after all this, He willingly and intentionally allowed Himself to be arrested and killed. Though sinless, He died for sin (our sin).  Though He really died, He rose again (to offer us a new life).  The beauty of Christmas is best seen NOT in the shadow of a Christmas tree, but in the shadow of the cross.  This Christmas day, know this: God loves you and offers a way for you to be with Him forever.  Anyone who believes in Jesus can have eternal life.

Question of the Day: Do you believe in Jesus?


NOTE:  Each day between now and Christmas, I will be posting these devotional thoughts concerning Advent to this blog.  The artwork for each day is a product of children from Wildwood Community Church‘s Children’s ministry.  You can also access these posts via the “wildwoodchildren” Instagram feed or Wildwood Community Church’s Facebook page.

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