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On Sunday, August 31, I preached a sermon at Wildwood Community Church called “Kickoff: Mission.”  This was the third sermon in our “Kickoff” series.  The message was based on Romans 10:14-16.  Below you can find discussion questions related to this message for individuals or small groups.


Kickoff #3 Discussion Questions

  1. Read Romans 10:14-16
  2. When was the last time you had some “good news” to share?  Was it difficult to keep that news to yourself?  Were you eager to share it?
  3. Do you view the Gospel of Jesus Christ as good news for you AND those around you?  How would understanding that the Gospel is good news encourage you to share it more with others?
  4. Jesus sent ALL Christians on a mission to proclaim the good news about what He has done for us to people in every nation (Matthew 28:19-20).  What are some of the implications for your life that you have been “sent”?
  5. We have a responsibility to proclaim the good news, but the ultimate goal is that people would trust in Jesus as their savior.  This means that we are ultimately trying to reach others, not just check the box of “mission” on our spiritual resume.  How does remembering that the hope is for people to believe direct your attitude and actions regarding evangelism/missions?
  6. Many who met Jesus personally while He was on the earth AND had access to the Old Testament Scriptures still rejected the good news that Jesus ushered in.  How does this help shape your expectations concerning your own ministry in the world today?
  7. What is one application you take from today’s sermon?

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