Hey everyone.  Hope your weekend is going well.  I wanted to drop you an update and specifically ask for prayer for Angie today.  She is headed to her parents house for a few days to recover more.  This will require a bit of a drive, so please pray that Angie does well in the car ride, does not have too much pain, and continues to recover on schedule.

Kimberly is still in the hospital, but should be released a little later today.

I’ll update more as things develop.  Thanks for lifting up Kimberly and Angie in prayer!  Also please pray that Kimberly and Angie’s new nursing staffs (me for Kimberly and Darrell and Kaye for Angie) are up to the task 🙂


One thought on “Saturday, 11:30 Update (8/4/12)

  1. I know you will be a great nurse Mark (but I will pray anyway. :). Let me know when I can bring dinner.
    Give Kimberly a gentle hug from the Roberts. In Him, Martha

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