We want to begin this post by expressing our great appreciation and thanks for the many kind thoughts and prayers that have been offered our way after the initial post about Kimberly’s transplant went live earlier this week.  We are truly blessed in so many ways.  As we head toward transplant day, here are some specifics about the procedure, and some prayer requests:

Surgery Specifics:  The surgery will take place at Integris Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City on July 30.  The surgery will take place over a few hours from the morning through mid afternoon.  Kimberly and her sister Angie (who is donating the kidney) will be in staggered operations during the day.  In addition to the kidney transplant, Kimberly will also have a tracheostomy performed at the time of the surgery in order to protect against surgical complications from the necessary intubation process as a result of how her autoimmune disorder has affected her airway in the past.

Some things to pray for:

  • Obviously, pray for the physical safety of both Kimberly and Angie during the surgical process.
  • Pray for Kimberly’s body to not reject the newly transplanted kidney and that the transplant will be successful.
  • Pray for Angie to recover quickly with minimal pain and no lingering side effects.
  • Pray for all the children involved (Angie’s three children and our son Josh) to not be anxious and to adjust well during the disruptions of surgery.
  • Pray for all the extended family who are helping in different ways during the surgery process to help cover bases with the kids and other needs.
  • Pray for God to be glorified through all of this.  That we would learn more of Him through this trial and that we would experience His kindness, mercy, and grace in a deep and meaningful way during this trial.
  • Pray also that God’s love would shine brightly through us to all we come into contact with through this process including doctors, nurses, staff, friends and family.  May more trust in God as a result of observing His kindness to us in the midst of this struggle.

Thanks so much for joining us in prayer!  I’ll post more thoughts and updates soon.

6 thoughts on “Prayer Prompts Leading up to Surgery Day

  1. We are and will be on our knees for these needs and more. We love you guys and are honored to be praying for your family.

  2. Mark, you are all in my thoughts and prayers! Wish I were closer so I could lend a helping hand! Thank you for keeping us updated, you are in our hearts.

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