1. After talking to the Elders in the church, Peter now turns and addresses the younger men.  Literally, in the original language, this passage does not address just young men, but “young people (men and women).”  From what you can tell in 5:5-7 what is a chief problem for young people? (i.e. What do young people struggle with that Peter’s prescription here will help cure?)  Why do you think young people struggle with this?
  2. In 5:5b, Peter talks about people “clothing themselves with humility.”  The word translated “clothe” is a little used Greek word that refers to a servant’s outer apron that they might wear over their clothing.  Given this, what do you think it means to “clothe yourself with humility?”
  3. What are some of the reasons given here for why someone would humble themselves?  What would it look like for you to live a humble life?
  4. If you are young, what would it look like to be submissive to those who are older than you?
  5. In 5:8-9, Peter turns and instructs the believer on Satan.  What does Peter say about Satan?  How does he instruct us to respond in light of who Satan is?  What would that look like for you?
  6. 5:10-12 is a fitting end to this epistle.  Peter concludes his letter by reminding believers of the character of their God and of their future blessings in Christ.  After studying the book of 1 Peter the past several weeks, what kinds of applications do you take from this book as you live out your Christian lives today?

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