1. For the Christian, Jesus’ death on the cross provides us with many things.  In 4:1 Peter indicates two of the things that Jesus’ death provides.  In the first part of the verse, Jesus’ death is lifted up as an example for believers to follow.  What is the example that believers can follow when it comes to Jesus death on the cross?  In the second part of the verse, being affiliated with Jesus death allows believers to be “done” with sin.  What do you think this means?  (see also Romans 6:1-11 for a parallel passage)
  2. Coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ inevitably leads to noticeable life change (4:2-3).  In your own life, what kinds of things have changed since you began living “for the will of God” not “evil human desires?”
  3. Peter notes that this life change could cause you difficulty with those who knew you in your pre-Christian days.  According to 4:4-5, what is the reason for the abuse they give you?  What perspective does Peter share to encourage us to stay true to the faith when our friends may reject us (4:5)?  Have you ever experienced anything like this?
  4. NOTE:  4:6 is a difficult verse to understand.  One of the big interpretive questions in the verse is “who are the ‘those who are now dead’ who had the gospel preached to them?”  This passage does not mean that people who were already physically dead were preached to.  It simply means that some who are now physically dead were preached to while they were still alive.  By the time Peter wrote the book of 1 Peter, the original audience would have already seen some of their Christian friends die a physical death.  These were people who had the Word “preached to them” while they were still living, but had since died.  When any of us die physically, there is a sense in which our bodies are “judged” (like all men’s bodies) as being tainted by sin and unfit for eternity.  Even though our physical bodies die, if we know Christ our spirit lives on in the presence of God.
  5. From 4:7-11, Peter again talks about some of the keys to having good relationships with others . . . particularly inside the church.  What are some of the commands Peter gives in these verses about relating to one another?  List them here.
  6. In what way does “love cover over a multitude of sins” in your relationships with others?  Is there a relationship in your life right now that would benefit from practicing this command?
  7. “Hospitality” literally means “an active love for others/strangers.”  In what ways have you seen Christians show hospitality?  In what ways can you show hospitality without grumbling?
  8. 4:10-11 talk about putting your spiritual gifts into practice so that you can serve others.  In what ways do you think God has gifted you for service?  How can you serve in such a way that God receives the glory (4:11) and not you?

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  1. Today was the first time I’ve been on this site. I really enjoyed it. Not only did I learn a lot, but the questions gives me a way to help involve the class. Thanks so much. Will definitely visit the site again. May God continue to Bless you and your Ministry.

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