1. When you read these verses what is the overall “feel” that you get.  What is the Holy Spirit (through Peter’s writing here) trying to get us to do as Christians?
  2. Several reasons/arguments are provided by Peter here to encourage us to live a distinctly Christian and holy life.  What reasons do you see listed in these verses?  Are these reasons compelling/motivating for you as you seek to live out your Christian life?
  3. 1:13 talks about “preparing your minds for action.”  This phrase is the same as “girding oneself” for battle in the original language.  The idea of “girding oneself” had to do with the way people dressed in Bible times.  Men would wear a long tunic that would hang down loose most of the time.  However, when someone was working, or getting ready for battle, they would tuck their tunic up in their belt to free their legs for action.  What do you think it means to “prepare your mind for action” in the Christian life now that you better understand this analogy?
  4. 1:23-2:3 talks of our new birth through the eternal Word.  The idea is that because of the promise of God in His Word, we  are made new in Christ.  Since we are born as children “of the Word” we ought to have a strong desire for the Word itself as our most natural “food” source.  A human baby desires their mother’s milk for survival.  The idea here is that Christian babies have a similar need for the Word of God.  What is interesting, though, is that a command is given in 2:2 to “crave” or “acquire a taste for” the Word of God.  This means that though we are in need of the Word, and though we have an innate desire for it, we may have to work some to increase our appetite and taste for it.  What are some ways you can think of that would awaken your inner desire for the Word of God in your life?
  5. This book includes a strong call for holy living.  What are some areas of your life right now where you are struggling to walk in obedience to Christ?  What are some things that you can do this week to take further steps towards holy living in the power of God’s Holy Spirit?

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