Wildwood exists to glorify God by shining as LIGHT in our homes, our community, and the world (Matthew 5:14-16).  As we begin 2010, would you join us in prayer, trusting God with accomplishing His mission through us this year?  This first week of the year, we are dedicating each day to prayer for a different aspect of ministry.  Today, we are highlighting prayer for our community . . . specifically praying for college students.  We have asked Wildwood’s Family and Care Pastor John Abernethy to direct our prayer focus for us today.  Please use this as a prompt in prayer today!

From Pastor John Abernethy:

Wildwood’s greatest hope is to glorify God as a Church Body.  Ultimately, glorifying God is a product of living a life of utter dependence upon Christ for all things.  The Scripture describes a life that is dependent upon Christ for all things as reflecting certain key values or activities in the lives of people.  Wildwood has organized these principles into a set of core values that are arranged inside a LIGHT acrostic to help us remember them.  Would you join me in praying for these five values to be present in the life of Wildwood’s men and women this year?

L – Live out God’s Truth.  Let’s pray that God’s Word would not just be something that we read, but something that we believe and live out in a life of dependence upon God.  Specifically pray for application of this within our marriages and families.

I – Invest in Reaching Others.  Let’s pray that the Body at Wildwood would continue to invest our time, talent, and treasure in reaching those around us who do not already know Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Pray specifically for people you know who have yet to trust Christ today.

G – Give Ourselves Through Serving.  Let’s pray that each member of the Body at Wildwood would begin to serve, or continue to serve Christ this year according to the way in which God has gifted them.

H – Honor God in Worship.  Let’s pray that God would be the central focus of our lives and that He would be honored in all that we do (as a church and as individuals.)

T – Teaming Together in Relationships.  Let’s pray that God would help Wildwood to be a friendly, welcoming place where people are greeted with open arms and where people are able to share their burdens and live out the “one another” commands in close community.

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