This is Wildwood! Episode 4: For the Next Generation – Student Team
For the Next Generation

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Student Team (Top Row from left to right): Abe, Kevin, Jonathan (Bottom Row from left to right): Ciera, Naomi

At Wildwood we have the great privilege of being For the Next Generation Following Jesus Together to the glory of God.  One of the expressions of this vision is our ministries to students (Middle School, High School, and College aged.)  We are blessed to have an amazing staff team of 5 that focus on these areas:

  • Jonathan Holmes (Student & College Pastor)
  • Abe Mahner (High School Minister)
  • Kevin Choate (Middle School Minister)
  • Ciera Morren (Student Ministry Associate)
  • Naomi Reyes (College Ministry Associate)

In today’s episode, we get to know this team, as well as some of the programs they lead.  In addition, we hear a couple of stories of what God did in the lives of Wildwood students over the summer.


For further info:

  • If you are interested in learning more about our ministries to Middle School or High School Students (we call these “Shift” for Middle School and “The Avenue” for High School) click here.
  • If you are interested in learning more about our ministries to College Students (including “Adopt a Sooner” possibilities) click here.

You can also follow on Instagram:

  • Shift & The Avenue – @wildwoodstudent
  • College Life – @wildwoodcollege


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