This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 52: This is Wildwood! For Following Jesus Into Community To The Glory of God w/ Jase Summy, Matthew Troutman, and Drew Goodman

Welcome back to another episode of This is Wildwood! Here at Wildwood we are For Following Jesus into Community to the Glory of God. For this week’s episode we had on Jase Tummy, Matthew Troutman, and Drew Goodman who go to Wildwood and are also student athletes who play golf for the University of Oklahoma. This was an encouraging episode. Tune in to hear Jase, Matthew and Drew’s testimony, their walk with the Lord, and what it is like to follow Jesus and play D-1 sports at the same time. These guys are studs who love the LORD and seek to love others every single day! This episode is a great one!

Jase’s Instagram: @jasesummy

Matthew’s Instagram: @matthew.troutman8644

Drew’s Instagram: @drewgoodman02


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