This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 47: This is Wildwood! For the Community with Madeline Berryhill and Kevin Bradford

Welcome back to another episode of This is Wildwood! At Wildwood we are For the Community Following Jesus Together To the Glory of God! Last week, a serious tornado came through the East side of Norman and damaged and even destroyed houses in our community. Many friends in the community were affected by this, even our very own Madeline Berryhill who works in the Adult’s Ministry here at Wildwood. This week we welcomed on Madeline to talk about the impact of the tornado for her and her family. Madeline shared how even in the midst of this trial that she is truly counting it all joy, trusting in the Lord’s sovereignty, and relying on Him even through the midst of this difficult circumstance. After the tornado swept through, Kevin Bradford and others in the community went into neighborhoods to serve burgers and drinks to those affected by the storm! Here more about what happened on this week’s episode!

Kevin’s contact info:

Some pictures from serving in the community:

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