This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 27: This is Wildwood! For the Church with the "Stream Team"
Scott Hodgson, Jonathan Hodgson, and Greg Hill . . . 3 members of Wildwood’s “Stream Team”

At Wildwood we are “For the Church” following Jesus together to the glory of God.  We understand our church to be a “body” . . . a congregation of people who are bonded together in Jesus when we are physically present in the same room, as well as when we are scattered about.  Each week, over 1,000 people gather in our buildings, but our body . . . our congregation is larger than that.  Many more people (who are a part of our body) are unable to be present each weekend.  How do people stay connected while “away”?  One way is through the audio podcast and video stream of the worship services each week.  In today’s episode we hear from member’s of our “Stream Team” (Scott and Jonathan Hodgson and Greg Hill) letting us know the heart behind the broadcast of our services, how God has been at work through these broadcasts, and how you can get involved.



To let us know about your interest in serving on the “Stream Team,” simply send us an email indicating your interest to


The view from inside the production booth for our video stream.

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