This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 17: This is Wildwood! Following Jesus into Worship with the WSM Worship Team
Abe, Trevor, Ava, Cici, Makenzie, Gabby, Sydney, Harper, Craig, Griffin, and Keith . . . The WSM Worship Team!

At Wildwood, we desire for all to be growing in their faith in God and love for others.  One of the ways Jesus tends to grow us in these areas is when we follow Him into worship.  At Wildwood there are a number of teams around the church that guide us into worship.  One of those teams is our WSM Worship Team, a collection of amazing Middle School and High School students who help lead our student ministry in worship each Wednesday night.  On today’s episode of the podcast, we hear more of how God is at work in and through this team.

To find out more about Wildwood’s student ministry, click here.

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