This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 12: This is Wildwood! Following Jesus into Community at "The Well"
Kelly Shockley, Kelly Skrapka, and Ali Swanson – part of the Leadership Team for “The Well”

As we follow Jesus into Community, He grows our faith in Him and our love for others.  This move AWAY from isolation and toward the Body of Christ is seen as a key component of “The Well” – a ministry of encouragement and refreshment to young moms at Wildwood Community Church.  On today’s episode, we talk with Kelly Skrapka (the Well’s Founder and Director) and two key members of her leadership team (Kelly Shockley and Ali Swanson) about how God has been at work in this ministry.  Check it out!


  • To find current information about Women’s Ministry at Wildwood (including the Well), click here.

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