Grasping God’s Word (part 4)

On Wednesday night, October 13, Wildwood offered part 4 of the “Grasping God’s Word” study, helping equip us in how to study the Scriptures for ourselves.  Below you will find the handout of notes for the session, a pdf of the slides used in presentation, and a link to the video stream.  Dr. Mike Strauss led the presentation this night.


Handout from the session: GGW Week 4 Handout

Slides from the session: GGW week 4 Slides


Video stream of Session 4:

Grasping God’s Word (Part 3)

On Wednesday night, September 29, 2021 at Wildwood Community Church, Wildwood offered part 3 of the “Grasping God’s Word” course.  This week’s lesson is from Dr. Mike Strauss.  Below you will find the link to the video of the class session, the handout from the session, and key slides.

To watch the stream use YouTube via link below:


Access the notes from this week’s session below:

Week 3 Notes in pdf format


NOTE:  To access week 2 of this study (NOTE the link to week 1 of the study is also found there) … click here.

Grasping God’s Word (part 2)

On Wednesday nights this fall, I have the privilege of teaching in the “Wednesday’s at Wildwood” program with Dr. Mike Strauss.  our topic (over 9 weeks) is how to study the Bible.  We are excited to not only bring this study to those in attendance, but also to present this material online.  Each week I will post the slides, notes, and link to the video stream of the teaching for those interested.  Tonight’s session (September 22, 2021) will go live at 6:00 Central Time.  Join us in person in Wildwood‘s Worship Center, tune in at that time to watch live, or use the resources in this post to join us later on this journey designed to equip us in personal Bible Study methods.  This series (titled “Grasping God’s Word”) will have installments each Wednesday night, and resources can always be found here.  (NOTE:  To watch Mike’s intro to the topic from last week’s lesson, click here.)


To watch the Video stream of this lesson:


To access the notes page for this week’s lesson:

 Week 2 Notes

To access the Revelation Chart assignment for this week’s lesson:  Blank Revelation Chart


Slides from this week’s lesson: