On Sunday, November 20, 2022 at Wildwood, we had the great joy of baptizing 22 individuals who had placed their faith in Christ.  Before each of their baptisms, we heard the story of how God had worked in their lives, then we got to witness their water baptism as an outward picture of their inner connection to Jesus.  Below you will find links to the baptisms in each service, as well as a link to the Vimeo channel that includes all of their testimonies.  Join us in praising God for His great work!  As we sang today, “How Great Thou Art!”

To watch the 8:30 service baptisms, use this YouTube video online:


To watch the 9:45 service baptisms (and full service), use this YouTube video online:


To watch the 11:00 service baptisms use this YouTube video online:


To access the Vimeo channel with all 22 testimonies shared this morning, click here.


Also, in the 8:30 service, time allowed for a longer sermon (than in the other two services).  This sermon is podcasted for those who missed it and be can downloaded or shared.

To listen offline to the 8:30AM service sermon, click on the link:

Baptism Sunday 11.20.22


To listen online, use the media player below:

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